We are beginning to make a difference in Ukraine.  Last weekend, in between air raid warnings, our volunteers in Ukraine created care packages and distributed them to 110 displaced children and orphans (some were displaced orphans), and resupplied the “My New Family” orphanage with staple foods, just in time for Easter.  The Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox churches both observe the Orthodox calendar, so Easter this year was on Sunday, April 24.  Easter is an extremely important cultural and religious holiday in Ukraine.  We like to think these first efforts will contribute to hope and rebirth in Ukraine.
The care packages contained a kid-friendly sweetened version of traditional Easter bread.

They were distributed at local schools, where displaced women and children are housed . . .

. . . and at an orphanage called “Моя нова семья” (My New Family).

The staple food supplies will provide meals at the orphanage.

By buying in Ukraine whenever possible, we can stretch our donations farther, and support the local economy.  Our volunteers in Ukraine are trusted friends and family members, who make sure our aid isn’t diverted or wasted.