AC4UC board with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

All of us at America Cares for Ukrainian Children are grateful beyond words for outpouring of support at our May 1 event by Marcy Kaptur, President Mary Ann Gawelek and everyone else at Lourdes University, Elizabeth Balint, Bill Hilt of the World Affairs Council, Dr. Richard Paat and SCORE Medical Mission, Marty Siegel and SARA, Danylo Lazariev and Tracee Ellis of ACES, Dr. Elizabeth Athaide-Victor of Tiffin University, Elaine Schwind of the Toledo-Szeged Committee, the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership, Brittany Ford, Linda Rouillard and the Tango Gato string quartet, photographer Gabor Balazs, and too many other guests, donors, and volunteers to mention! Together we are making a difference! 🇺🇸

Danylo Lazariev